DBN’s top stories in February


The possibility of converting an aging downtown Wilmington office building topped the list of Delaware Business Now stories in February

The possible conversion of the Delaware Avenue building that had been popular with law practices reflects a high office vacancy rate in downtown Wilmington and more people choosing to reside in the area. Tenants are also moving to available Class A space.

Coming in second was Bank of America confirming that jobs at its remaining downtown employment site will move to its suburban centers by late 2025. City of Wilmington officials said they were aware of the bank’s plans.

No. 3 analyzed a homeowner’s legal actions related to a concrete plant near a popular Lewes-area community.

No. 15 on the list was news of a growth in the number of homes for sale, although the market remains tight despite higher interest rates.


The list was based on figures from Google and our network advertising provider Ezoic.

(See list below)

1 Wilmington office building landlord weighs conversion of high rise to residential use.

2 Bank of America will move the remaining 500 jobs out of downtown Wilmington by late 2025.

3 My take: A Sussex County concrete recycling plant and an unhappy neighbor.

4 Delaware Electric co-op’s rate overhaul draws fire from rooftop solar members.

5 Personnel file, Feb. 13, 2024

6 New Castle extends deadline for sewer bill payments after postal delay.

7 Rising Sun MD auto repair shop fire causes $75,000 in damage.

8 Harvey Hanna buys Rehoboth Beach motel.

9 Avelo passenger traffic nears 300,000 as it enters the second year of Wilmington flights.

10 Men charged with theft of Verizon cable that led to outage for 500 residents.

11 From Delaware Spotlight – Whistleblower lawsuits filed against former Delaware prison healthcare provider.

12 Supreme Court overturns Chancery Court decision on attorney fees for property assessment lawsuit.

13 Delaware sees spike in gasoline prices.

14 Bloom Energy to move some Delaware jobs to Mexico.

15 Delaware sees an increase in homes for sale listings.