Delaware sees spike in gasoline prices


Delaware saw one of the biggest surges in gas prices among the 50 states as the days of $3 a gallon gas again proved to be brief.

As of Monday, the price of regular gas had risen to $3.16, up about 18 cents from a week earlier. Last week Delaware had the fifth highest increase in gas prices among the 50 states and D.C.

For the first time in months, Delaware’s gas price was above the national average after at time ranking in the lower tier of states. Delaware’s higher prices come despite the state having the region’s lowest state gas tax.

Factors affecting Delaware prices may range from major maintenance at the region’s refineries to the pricing power of convenience store chains.

Members of warehouse clubs appeared to be getting the best deal on gas in return for paying $50 a year or more for memberships. The Costco near Christiana Mall in northern Delaware posted a $2.88 a gallon price for regular. Wawa and Royal Farms stores in that area were selling regular for $3.20 a gallon.


Some stations offer lower prices in return for paying cash.

Nationwide, the current state of gas prices is likely caused by low gas demand countered by slightly higher costs for oil. 

Monday gas prices

Current Avg.$3.164$3.655$3.944$3.958
Yesterday Avg.$3.158$3.647$3.952$3.950
Week Ago Avg.$2.985$3.501$3.797$3.805
Month Ago Avg.$3.074$3.560$3.881$3.995
Year Ago Avg.$3.523$3.968$4.248$4.548

“Like watching dogs play chess, not much is happening,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “The national average for gas will likely maintain a glacial grind higher for the immediate future.”   

AAA said the upward pressure on gas prices could continue.

As last week, these 10 states have seen the largest changes in their averages: Florida (+14 cents), Washington, DC (+14 cents), Utah (−12 cents), Delaware (+10 cents).

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