Manny Moe and Jack statue getting new home


(Photo courtesy of John Medkeff, Jr.)

The Manny, Moe and Jack statue that spent decades atop of Prices Corner Pep Boys store is getting a new home.

A spokesperson for the company said the statue is in “safe keeping” and will be “getting a new home at one of Pep Boys’ Distribution Centers.”

It probably helped that the company’s Vice President of Distribution and Logistics is Stuart Rosenfeld, Manny’s grandson.

The statue was taken down at the Pep Boys location west of Wilmington as the company focuses on vehicle servicing, with an auto parts store taking the vacated retail-parts counter space. Social media photos showed that care was being taken as the statue was removed.


The company earlier closed its popular College Square location in Newark as the site was converted to the Grove, an apartment complex with restaurants and other businesses.

There have been reports that Pep Boys is scouting for locations for the standalone service centers.

Pep Boys is building new standalone service centers geared to the latest trends, including electric vehicles.

The company has not forgotten the three founders of the 1,000-location company, which opened its first store in Philadelphia in the 1920s.

When the company’s stock was publicly traded, its corporate name was Pep Boys Manny, Moe, and Jack.