Siemens Energy contracted for study of First State’s green hydrogen production site


First State Hydrogen, Inc., Wilmington, has contracted with Siemens Energy, Inc. to provide an energy system design study to support its development of a green hydrogen production facility in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A release stated that this collaboration signifies a significant step forward in developing clean hydrogen infrastructure in the United States.

According to the release, “First State Hydrogen is part of the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2), which aims to establish infrastructure for large-scale green hydrogen production, transportation, and storage. Siemens Energy’s expertise in hydrogen production, safety, renewables, compression, transmission, and energy generation will be invaluable in designing an efficient and sustainable energy system for First State Hydrogen while supporting the broader hydrogen hub.”

The study will cover much of First State Hydrogen’s green hydrogen production process, including:

  • Identifying the optimal combination of renewable energy assets for powering the hydrogen production plant.
  • Optimizing the operational profile of each technology to minimize costs, optimize the best operational point, and other financial opportunities.
  • Evaluating hydrogen production, environmental emissions, water consumption, costs, and other key performance indicators.

“Siemens Energy’s proven track record in hydrogen and their breadth of technologies makes them the ideal partner for this project,” said Dora Cheatham, vice president of sales and commercialization of First State Hydrogen. “Their expertise will be instrumental in helping us develop a comprehensive green hydrogen production design that also meets our key principles of quality and safety – for our employees, our consumers and our community.”


The successful development of the First State Hydrogen production site and several other projects comprising the MACH2 Hub could contribute to the decarbonization of the U.S. economy.

MACH2 includes Delaware and portions of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The area is eligible for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.

Green hydrogen would use cleaner processes to produce hydrogen, mainly derived from national gas. Green hydrogen, if costs can be brought down, would be used in industrial processes at refineries, steel mills, and other types of heavy industry.