Bidens fly to Kentucky after short weekend at home near Rehoboth


President Joe Biden traveled to the family’s North Shores home near Rehoboth Beach over the weekend before departing on Monday morning for a trip to Kentucky.

VIP airspace restriction notices were revised from Sunday into Monday in the skies around Rehoboth. The restriction had been in effect for Saturday and Sunday. A previous notice for Dover on Saturday was canceled but went back into effect on Monday.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden then flew from Dover Air Force Base to flood-ravaged Kentucky on Monday. The First Couple traveled to Dover Via the Marine One helicopter.

Biden tested negative for the virus on Saturday.

The president had been confined to the White House since the latter part of July after continuing to test positive for Covid-19 in what was described as a bounce-back case.


Biden and the First Lady typically spend their weekends in Delaware.

While his poll numbers remain on the dismal side, Biden is ending the week on a positive note, with strong job numbers and an agreement on a sweeping piece of legislation that addresses clean air measures. In raw numbers, the nation has regained the jobs lost during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The job numbers are a mixed blessing since a stronger economy will put more pressure on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in response to inflation.

More good news came when the Senate on Sunday when the Senate passed a comprehensive bill that includes clean energy incentives, tax changes for large corporations allowing the government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare recipients. The bill goes to the House for consideration.

The has been criticized by progressive Democrats in the House who believe that the measure does not go far enough in dealing with corporate taxes and climate change.

Meanwhile, gasoline prices in Delaware and other states have dropped by $1 from their summer peak, although the price at the pump remains about 90 cents a gallon above the same time a year earlier.