Gas prices continue slow decline in Delaware


Gas prices in Delaware continued their slow decline during the past week.

Wednesday’s price summary from AAA showed regular is selling at an average of about $3.25 a gallon, down nearly eight cents from a month ago. Delaware’s gas prices are now below the national average figure of n$3.30 a gallon.

The average gas price remains well above the $2.35 a gallon reported a year ago.

The all-time high was $4.06 a gallon recorded in 2018.

Time frameRegularMid-GradePremiumDiesel
Current Avg.$3.245$3.649$3.888$3.556
Yesterday Avg.$3.254$3.652$3.914$3.549
Week Ago Avg.$3.275$3.669$3.906$3.582
Month Ago Avg.$3.325$3.702$3.966$3.653
Year Ago Avg.$2.350$2.760$2.993$2.778
(Courtesy AAA)

As demand has slowed, Delaware price leaders Wawa and Royal Farms dropped the price of regular to $3.20 a gallon at many of their locations.


Middletown appeared to have the lowest average gas prices, with two independent stations offering prices at $3.10 a gallon.

The Lewes-Rehoboth area posted prices at the pump below the state. In recent years, Royal Farms and Wawa have added pumps and convenience stores and were offering gas at $3.16 or less a gallon on Wednesday.

Independent stations in the border cities Elkton and Salisbury, MD, also put downward pressure on prices on gas station stores across the line.

Click here for AAA’s Fuel Price Finder, which posts gas prices in your neighborhood.