Schools moving toward hybrid in-class remote learning format


Delaware public and charter schools will move toward a hybrid format that combines in-class and remote learning.

Gov. John Carney and Secretary of Education Susan Susan Bunting made the announcement at the governor’s weekly press Covid-19 press conference.

The state remains in the yellow mode that allows for the hybrid system. The designation is based on various Covid-19 metrics. A green mode would allow schools to have normal classes, with red requiring remote only classes.

School districts appear to be moving toward opening classes after Labor Day, due to the need for further preparations.

Three school reopening working groups created the green/yellow/red framework to reopen schools in Delaware.

The hybrid model will include Covid-19 testing of faculty and students. The approach will include an at-home test that will involve a Zoom call and dropping off results in a UPS box, with results coming a couple of days later.

The model will be based on factors that include the number of students that can be accommodated in a classroom with social distancing requirements, sanitation, and isolation of students who show symptoms and need to go home.

Schools are being aided by funding from the CARES Act that allocated funds to the state and New Castle County.

“Safely reopening schools for Delaware children – especially our youngest learners and disadvantaged children who need in-person instruction the most – is the most important and difficult issue we’ll face as we continue to confront this COVID-19 crisis,” said Gov. John Carney. “Our public health team will continue to work closely with district and school leaders to get this right. Hybrid learning may look different across each district, charter or private school. But one thing is clear: the safety of all of Delaware’s students, educators and staff will be our top priority. We can’t get students back to school if we can’t do so safely. This is a science-based approach, and I want to thank everyone who participated in our working groups and put so much thought into this effort.”

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