Gas price jump shows signs of slowing


Delaware’s gas price rose at a rate higher than the national average during the past week.

The price at the pump in Delaware has risen by more than 20 cents a gallon from a month ago and is approaching the figure from a year ago.

AAA reported that lackluster domestic demand for gasoline paired with decreasing crude oil prices led to the national average for a gallon of gas climbing more slowly in the past week. Delaware’s average gas price remained well below the national figure of $3.67 a gallon.

Tensions are running high in the Middle East, and crude oil prices reached the upper $80s per barrel. However, crude had fallen into the low $80s as of Friday.

While price Leaders like Wawa and Royal Farms were selling regular at $3.60 a gallon in some locations, warehouse clubs and some independents were offering gas under $3.40.


Delaware Friday gas prices

Current Avg.$3.524$3.998$4.300$3.999
Yesterday Avg.$3.485$3.979$4.266$3.997
Week Ago Avg.$3.375$3.859$4.173$3.994
Month Ago Avg.$3.292$3.836$4.121$4.029
Year Ago Avg.$3.545$3.998$4.232$4.048
From AAA

“The situation overseas with war in both the Middle East and Ukraine has the oil market on edge,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “But this is also the time of year we may see a bit of a lull in gasoline demand between the end of spring breaks and ahead of Memorial Day. So the national average for gas may waffle a bit with small increases, some flat days, and even some price dips.”