Comcast Business adds X1 video platform for hospitality and related industries


Comcast Business is now offering the X1 video platform for millions of bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms and other businesses.

X1 for Business includes easier search and navigation, voice control and a picture-in-picture, sports content companion called the X1 Sports App that includes team and players profiles, statistics and real-time, game-specific data, a release stated.

The Phiadelphia company that employs 1,000 noted that X1 for Business arrives in time for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, one of the most profitable times of the year for sports bars and restaurants

According to the American Gaming Association, 70 million college basketball bracketsare filled out annually and last year, first-round coverage averaged 8.6 million television viewers, up from 8.2 million in 2017.

“Businesses across the country can now offer their customers the same award-winning video experience that millions of people experience every day in their living room,” said, Christian Nascimento, vice pesident product and premise services, Comcast Business. “X1 for Business is a game-changer – whether it’s a bar or restaurant integrating sports stats into the viewing experience, a hotel or gym giving customers an easier way to find what they want to watch or a small business helping their guests pass the time in the lobby or waiting room.”

About two-thirds of Comcast’s residential customers have X1 under its xfinity brand.

Feature include

  • Voice Control: Businesses can use the X1 Voice Remote to quickly search for networks, shows and movies, change the channel, get recommendations and navigate content.
  • On-Screen Guide: The on-screen guide and search functionality allows employees to more easily set up channels.
  • Sports Content: Provide customers with up to the minutes sports updates.
  • Accessibility: The X1 talking guide is the industry’s first and only voice-enabled television user interface that reads aloud selections like program titles, network and time slots, serving as a solution for TV fans who have a visual disability.
  • Bicultural customers can quickly change the guide and channel listings from English to Spanish and find Spanish-language and SAP-enabled programming through advanced filtering directly within the experience.

“Comcast has the potential to disrupt the nearly $4 billion United States business TV market with X1 for Business,” said Greg Ireland, multiscreen video analyst at IDC. “Products and solutions that have generated excellent results on the residential side can help businesses gain an edge in attracting new and returning customers

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