Delaware Senate sends permit-to-purchase handgun legislation to governor’s desk


The Delaware Senate voted along party lines to approve Senate Bill 2. The bill requires training and a permit to purchase a handgun. The bill now goes to Gov. John Carney’s desk for his signature.

“For five years, all of us — not only me, but the bill sponsors, the advocates, and voters — have been fighting to reach this moment for one reason: to save lives,” stated Attorney General Kathy Jennings.

Jennings said states with permit-to-purchase laws have 25% lower gun homicide rates and 50% lower gun suicide rates than those without, and reduce gun trafficking by 75%.

“Despite the gun lobby’s rhetoric, this is a fundamentally moderate, and clearly constitutional, proposal. One that has been on the books in this country for 30 years. And one that has already proven effective in our state: less than one percent of concealed carry license holders, whose required training is essentially identical to SB 2’s requirements, use their guns to commit a crime,” Jennings stated.

Republican state senators offered 13 amendments to the bill that were all voted down.

While expressing unhappiness with the failure to add the amendment, GOP Senate leaders said they are confident permit to purchase legislation will be struck down in court.