How we rank: Wilmington on list of 15 happiest towns with Delaware viewed as good location for tech start-ups


A study conducted by Merger & Acquisition Advisor, found that California is the top state in the US for tech startups, scoring 88 out of 100. At the other end of the spectrum, Mississippi is ranked as the least conducive state for tech startups, scoring 35.

That’s nothing new. What was surprising was Delaware coming in sixth.

In finishing sixth, Delaware boasts a relatively high number of S&E graduates (31.05 bachelor’s degrees in S&E per 1000 18-24-year-olds) and 5.70% S&E occupants in the workforce. It sees a significant venture capital investment in tech (0.70% of GDP) and a decent number of business applications (34,877) with a survival rate of 45%. 

Despite a higher tax rate of 8.70%, the state offers an average weekly wage of $1,303.00 and a quality of life index of 105.6.

This ranking was drawn based on a variety of factors including the number of bachelor’s in science & engineering egrees among 18-24 year-olds, the percentage of scientists and engineers in the workforce, the number of venture capital deals in technology and knowledge sectors, venture capital investments relative to gross domestic product, average business applications over the past five years, the business survival rate, tax rates, average weekly wages, and the Quality of Life index.


Below are the top 10 rankings.

The 10 Best States to Start a Tech Startup

Wilmington one of the nation’s happiest towns

Delaware’s largest city made the list of 15 happy towns compiled by Outside magazine and website.

The index was based on factors that included parkland and an accepting environment for the LGBTQ community.

Wilmington was cited for the above factors as well as a revitalized downtown, walkability, bike friendliness and proximity to mid-Atlantic beaches and Philadelphia.

Other cities making the list included New Orleans, Reno, NV; Minneapolis, Frederick, MD; and Harrisburg, PA.

Big cities did not make the list, with none of the 15 having a population of half a million or more.