Bill calling for a ‘one and done’ $300 relief payment to income tax filers introduced


A billing calling for a  “one and done”  payment to each Delaware state income taxpayer has been filed.

The bill, known as the Delaware Relief Rebate program,  has bipartisan backing. The sponsor is  House Majority Leader Valarie Longhurst, D-Bear-Delaware City.

The bill would send a single $300 payment to each state tax filer this spring.

The legislation was proposed after it was determined that a state fuel tax holiday was not allowed under rules  for bonds that are paid off through fuel tax proceeds. 


Maryland was able to enact the fuel tax holiday and the governor and legislative leaders later announced a five-year plan to provide tax relief for senior citizens as well as a jobs program for disadvantaged communities.

The Maryland program comes at a cost that is the neighborhood of Delaware’s one-time rebate.

A Better Delaware, a public policy group, stated in a social media post that Dover’s leaders choose to “throw fuel on the (inflation) fire with $300 stimulus checks.”