Committee formed as ex-auditor McGuiness weighs bid for Delaware House seat


A committee has been formed as former State Auditor Kathy McGuiness considers a bid to become a member of the Delaware House.

A filing with the Delaware Department of Elections indicated that McGuiness would seek the seat of Rep. Pete Schwarzkopf, D-Rehoboth. Schwartzkopf, the former House Speaker, is retiring at the end of this year.

Schwartzkopf and McGuinness have been political allies over the years.

If McGuiness enters the race, she will face off against two other candidates seeking the post.

McGuiness was convicted of one misdemeanor count related to her conduct in office. Another count was overturned on appeal. McGuiness continues to maintain her innocence.

McGuiness ran for a second term but was defeated in a landslide vote in the Democratic primary by Lydia York, who now holds the Auditor’s post. McGuiness later resigned from the post after facing possible impeachment and removal.

Recently, the state Attorney General’s office said it would not attempt to retry McGuiness.