Bill to regulate garbage pickup fees passes House


A bill regulating fees on to trash bills has passed the Delaware House.

House Bill 96, passed by a 38 to 0 margin.

The bill would require 90 days’ notice before a fee is imposed and allow the customer to terminate a contract if the fee is not acceptable.


Late fees and fees for a replacement of a container would be allowed.

Refuse haulers have been adding fees, such as fuel surcharges, over the years. A fuel surcharge remained on some bills even when diesel prices went down.

In unincorporated areas of Delaware, customers choose their refuse hauler.

The exception is Kent County, which sets up areas that are served by trash haulers.

Residents sometimes question the system since it leads to multiple haulers burning fuel and affecting streets in residential areas.

Refuse costs have risen due to recycling efforts and work to limit the height of landfills.

The bill was assigned to the Senate Banking, Business & Insurance Committee.