Biden stops by Brew Ha Ha during weekend trip that capped off another tough week


After flying into New Castle Airport on Saturday morning, President Joe Biden is expected to fly out of Delaware on Monday morning.

The president switched up his normal schedule by arriving at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Sunday morning rather than attending mass on  Saturday night. He also had breakfast with the family at  Brew Ha Ha, a local coffee chain and roastery.

Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden flew out of New Castle Airport at around 9:30 a.m. today on Air Force One, arriving at Joint Base Andrews about an hour later.

VIP airspace restrictions were in place into Monday that limit activity out of airports like New Garden near Kennett Square.

Jet fighters typically patrol the skies around New Castle Airport during Biden’s visits.

An example of the harsh spotlight shining on Biden came over the weekend when a Washington Post reporter tweeted that his regular visits to the graves of his first wife and former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden at St. Joseph reflected the fate of his domestic agenda.

The tweet was harshly criticized and deleted. Fox News, whose talk show hosts  roast Biden on a regular basis,  used the occasion to put the contents of another Twitter post into its headline. That tweet accused the reporter of  “carrying water for the progressive agenda instead of actually thinking about the content of your tweet.”

Biden has cut back on visits to many of his familiar haunts since. his inauguration, due to the low-key nature of his weekend visits and security issues that come with being president.

During his Senate career,  Biden often attended football games at his alma mater, the University of Delaware. UD game’s game during Biden’s trip home came on a picture-perfect Saturday afternoon.

Biden had another tough week, making a trip to Capitol Hill to talk with fellow Democrats who are badly split over infrastructure legislation. 

The president counseled patience in coming up with a deal, with moderates saying the spending package was too expensive and for now are blocking Senate action. Progressives are arguing otherwise.

The president also continues to suffer fallout from the pullout in Afghanistan.

And while Covid-19 numbers are down, Biden’s home state other areas are not seeing a sharp drop off in cases that came during other surges. That has led to a decline in approval ratings on that issue.

In Delaware, a low level of vaccinations in Wilmington and portions of southern Delaware seem to be fueling much of the latest surge.

Late  Monday morning, the president was slated to deliver remarks on the need to raise the debt ceiling, after Republicans twice blocked legislation.


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