Biden flies back to White House amid signs that war between Israel and Iran is imminent


President Joe Biden cut short his weekend visit to his home near Rehoboth Beach.

An airspace advisory was lifted after the President departed for the Executive Mansion to meet with his national security team over signs that reportedly Iran will attack Israel after airstrikes on an Iranian consulate in Syria and Iran’s seizure of a container ship.

The advisory had been in place into Monday.

Biden is facing the biggest foreign policy challenge of his presidency as a growing number of Americans have criticized the administration’s support of Israel in its invasion of Gaza as well as barriers in getting relief shipments to a starving population.

The invasion that has killed thousands of civilians came after a massacre by Hamas terrorists who also took hostages.


While in Rehoboth, Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attend mass and dine at restaurants in the beach town. They make few public appearances in either Rehoboth or around their home near Greenville. The president’s visit boosts the economy in either area, with the media, aides, and the Secret Service booking hotel rooms and dining at restaurants in the Cape Region.

Biden spent last weekend at his northern Delaware home. The Biden national re-election headquarters is in Wilmington. The first couple rarely spend weekends at the White House.

This week, the president and First Lady held a state dinner for Japan’s Prime Minister. Japan has emerged as a key ally for the US as it deals with the dominance of China in that region.

The president also met with the leader of the Philippines, a nation that foreign affairs experts say is susceptible to China’s largesse and influence.

This week, Biden took a break from his re-election travel schedule to meet with the two leaders.

Biden received mixed economic news this week. Inflation numbers came in at a higher-than-expected rate, but wholesale prices came in below forecasts.