From WHYY: Despite protests, Christiana Care reports nearly 98% of workers are vaxxed or got exemption

Christiana Care photo.

By Cris Barrish

Nearly two months ago, as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations continued a sharp summer surge, the ChristianaCare threw down the gauntlet to its 14,000 employees and contractors.

Get your first shot by Sept. 21, or hit the road, Delaware’s largest private employer said.


At the time the edict was issued, about 4,000 of the health system’s 14,000 workers – 28.5% — were not even partly inoculated.

The mandate led to two vocal protests, with employees and others who are against mandatory vaccination for the coronavirus calling it an unfair, unconstitutional, and even harmful order.

ChristianaCare didn’t budge, however, stressing how important it was for its caregivers to be vaccinated, and intensifying efforts to provide vax opportunities right at work.

And on Monday, CEO Dr. Janice Nevin said in a release that “as we anticipated, a small number of caregivers chose not to be vaccinated and have left the organization.” Nevin said about 150 employees, many of them part-timers, had been terminated “for non-compliance with our vaccination policy.”

That’s just 1% of the workforce.

As for nurses, she said those who were fired added up to “fewer than 12 FTEs.”

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Despite protests, ChristianaCare says nearly 98% of workers complied with vax mandate or got exemption