Biden spends weekend in Delaware after aerial tour of bridge collapse area


After seeing a strong jobs report, President Joe Biden spent the weekend at his home near Greenville and returned to the campaign trail on Monday.

There were no public events over the weekend, with Biden boarding Marine One on Monday, flying to Philadelphia en route to campaign stops in the battleground state of Wisconsin. He will continue from the Madison stop to Chicago.

The jobs report released Friday showed the nation’s jobless rate fell to 3.8%, with job growth well ahead of estimates.

The administration has struggled to get that message out, with Americans still believing the economy is in bad shape, a view influenced by higher-than-normal inflation.

Several polls show Biden trailing former President Donald Trump, with some showing Biden gaining ground. As his re-election campaign kicks off, Biden has been on the road to state his case for re-election.


Before arriving at the National Guard Base at Wilmington Airport early Friday evening, Biden went on an aerial tour and met with Maryland officials regarding the ship collision and collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The accident has closed the busy Port of Baltimore, and work is underway that could clear the channel by the end of the month.

Biden reaffirmed the administration’s intent to rebuild the bridge. Some Congressional Republicans have been questioning the need for federal assistance.

Biden continues to struggle with the war in Gaza, his support of Israel, and the attack that killed several food workers from José Andrés’ World Kitchen. The renowned chef, credited with saving thousands from starvation, has demanded an independent investigation.

Biden’s trips to northern Delaware and his home near Rehoboth Beach boost hotels and restaurants from staff and reporters accompanying the president. The president and First Lady Jill Biden sometimes dine at local restaurants or visit the national campaign headquarters in downtown Wilmington.

Airspace advisories remained in place in northern Delaware and adjacent areas into Monday morning.