Delaware nears 73% mark in adult vaccinations


The pace of vaccinations continues to quicken in Delaware.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures indicated that nearly 73% of adults had received at least one dose of vaccine as of Monday.

The state’s 72.9% figure for residents 18 and older came on the same day that the nation reached the 70% adult vaccination milestone.


The Biden Administration fell short of the goal of having 70% of the nation’s adults vaccinated by July 4th.

Delaware hit the 70% mark shortly before the 4th, but like the rest of the nation, saw a slowdown in vaccinations.

Delaware also saw a sharp drop in Covid-19 cases earlier in the spring and summer that may have contributed to waning interest in vaccines.

Until recently, the adult vaccination figure had increased by about one-tenth of a percent a day. However, in recent days, the daily adult rate increased by as much as three-tenths of one percent.

News of a growing number of daily cases more than likely due to the faster spreading  Delta variant contributed to increased vaccinations.

The data comes from the CDC’s Vaccine Tracker site and differs from state figures because it includes vaccinations at such locations as the VA and Dover Air Force Base.
Information on finding a vaccine is available here.