Biden cancels Delaware trip on Saturday afternoon as situation remains dicey in Kabul


President Joe Biden again delayed a return to his Greenville area home on Saturday afternoon.

The White House schedule called for the president to arrive at New Castle Airport at around 1  p.m. Times have been subject to change. However, a departure from Andrews Air Force Base was delayed.

The president is scheduled to meet with his national security team on Saturday.


There had been indications that the president would travel to Delaware on Thursday, but nothing materialized.  Plans to return on Friday afternoon also did not materialize. 

The president is coming off the toughest week in his presidency with the swift fall of the Afghan government that leaves the nation with the daunting task of evacuating Americans and Afghan citizens with ties to the U.S.

On Friday, Biden vowed to get Americans and their Afghan allies out of the nation as the Administration worked to find locations for refugees. 

The administration has come in for intense criticism from Republicans and some Democrats for not making more preparations for an exit. In addition, allies are reportedly upset with the chaotic scenes in Kabul.

The international situation and Senate passage of the infrastructure bill led Biden to interrupt the annual presidential vacation. Instead, he has spent time in northern Delaware and the presidential retreat at Camp David.

There are no signs the president and First Lady will visit the family’s second home on North Shores near Rehoboth Beach.

Biden visits to Delaware typically feature no public appearances.

The weather forecast calls for a chance of showers and thunderstorms during the weekend.

Presidential visits to Delaware help fill up hotel rooms on the Wilmington Riverfront and other locations as traveling media and staff stay in the area.