Highmark rolls out Lumevity, a business transformation platform

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Highmark Health announced the launch of Lumevity.

Highmark is the largest health insurer in Delaware.

Lumevity helps businesses achieve large-scale transformation by eliminating inefficiencies, creating new revenue opportunities, enabling employees to do innovative work, and delivering enhanced customer outcomes.

“Lumevity is born from Highmark Health’s success in organizational effectiveness, digital transformation, and change management across its diverse portfolio of businesses,” said Larry Kleinman, executive vice president, chief human resources officer, Highmark Health, and co-founder, board chair, Lumevity. “When guiding clients inside the health care industry and beyond, Lumevity will use the same principles to improve customer experience, boost employee engagement, free up resources and drive profit margins.”

By applying these processes to its own businesses, Highmark Health has achieved nearly $500 million of direct bottom-line impact over the course of three years and eight million employee hours freed annually for more meaningful work, a release stated.

 Through Lumevity, Highmark Health has identified an opportunity to grow its diverse business portfolios by scaling up its processes and assisting other national leaders in achieving organizational transformation.

“Growth helps Highmark Health to maintain its position as a national leader among Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans, strengthens its ability to shape care locally and invest in the Living Health model, and improves cost competitiveness,” said Deborah Rice-Johnson, president, Highmark Inc., and chief growth officer. “Lumevity is one of several key growth drivers, which translates to better care, lower cost, and greater access for Highmark Health’s members and patients.”

This month, Highmark Health announced it is seeking state regulatory approval to purchase the remaining 50 percent of Gateway Health. In February 2021, Highmark Inc. completed its affiliation with HealthNow New York Inc., now branded as Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York and Highmark Blue Shield of Northeastern New York.

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