Delaware among the safer Covid-19 states

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Despite an uptick in cases, Delaware remains one of the safer states as the battle with Covid-19 continues.

A report from the personal finance site, WalletHub has Delaware ranked 12th. Neighboring states have similar rankings. The report is based on new cases, deaths and hospitalizations.

The ranking comes as the Centers for Disease Control and prevention recommended that all individuals wear masks indoors in states with high transmission rates. Delaware and Maryland are not listed in higher risk category, which does include New Jersey.

The CDC guidance also calls for students to wear masks this fall when returning to in-person attendance.

Gov. John Carney’s office issued the following statement:

“We’re reviewing updates to the CDC guidance and will provide any updates as necessary. The governor and his public health team will continue to encourage all eligible Delawareans to get the vaccine. That’s the best way to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and to protect yourself and those around you from infection and serious illness. That’s especially true with the more contagious Delta variant circulating in Delaware.

Mask wearing has continued among some Delaware residents in settings such as grocery stores.

Laptop computer  users can click on states for their respective rankings.

Source: WalletHub

A graphic below from FactsUSA shows Delaware with about half the rate of new cases of  the national average. Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas are seeing new case rates that are as much as 10 times higher than the Delaware figure.

Louisiana, Arkansas and other states have low vaccination rates that are ripe pickings for the Delta variant of Covid-19. Delta has shown up all states, including Delaware. However the First State is seeing the Beta variant, believed to be from Brazil.

Delaware has seen an increase in coronavirus cases four the past four weeks, with the rate of positive cases more than doubling from the low point in June.

However hospitalizations remain relatively low and deaths having been averaging about one a week. Those who have died in recent weeks were not fully immunized.

The vaccination rate for Delaware is above the national average with 72 percent of the state’s adult getting at least one shot.

However, the  vaccination rate has slowed dramatically, with daily gains of only one-tenth of percent in doses administered to those 18 and over. Individuals ages 12 and older can now receive vaccine.

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