Appoved projects from $70 million state Reinvestment/Redevelopment Fund projects listed

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The Delaware General Assembly has listed the $70 million in Community Reinvestment/Redevelopment Fund projects.

According to the fund, the money includes “community redevelopment, revitalization, and investment in capital projects which will “improve the economic, cultural, historical, and recreational health of Delaware communities,” according to fund materials.

The fund was bolstered by a budget surplus, which also drew many requests for funds. 

Recipients are generally listed in the Bond Bill for state construction projects, totaling $1.3 billion. Legislators cited administrative work required in approving the projects as a reason for the disclosure delay.

The fund was good. news for the construction community, since improvement focuses on brick and mortar projects.

The fund dates back from the mid-1990s and matches state funds to previously raised funds from nonprofit organizations. 

Projects include the Abbesseio Stadium project in Wilmington. The replacement for Baynard Stadium will be used for games and activities other than those held by Salesianum School, which raised the bulk of the funds for the project.

Below is a document from the General Assembly listing the projects:

Click to access CommunityReinvestmentFund-FiscalYear2022Awards.pdf


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