Suspect found with items suggesting possible plot to kill Biden

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A man facing federal child pornography charges in North Carolina accumulated weapons, studied mass shootings and made a trip to Delaware that came within a few miles of the home of Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Indicted by a federal grand jury was Alexander Hillel Treisman, also known as Alexander S. Theiss.

The indictment filing alleges that between March and May of this year Treisman sought information about Joe Biden’s home address, state gun laws, rifle parts, and night vision goggles.

Other actions taken by Theisman, included posting a meme about killing Joe Biden, purchasing an AR-15 in New Hampshire, traveling to a Wendy’s within four miles of Joe Biden’s home, and writing a checklist note ending with “execute.”

Treisman also visited the site the mass shooting at a Las Vegas hotel.

In late May employees at a bank in Kannapolis, NC reported an abandoned white Ford van in the parking lot.

Through the windows, officers observed an AR-15 style rifle, a box for a Taurus .380 handgun, a cannister of the explosive material Tannerite, and a box of ammunition.

A search revealed, in addition to the items seen through the windows, officers found more than half a million dollars of U.S. currency (believed to be defendant’s inheritance), books (about survival, bombmaking, improvised weapons and Islam), drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings, and other firearms.

Treisman remains in federal custody.

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