Philadelphia adds Delaware travelers to quarantine list


Delawareans making a run for cheesesteaks or to check out the Liberty Bell are no longer welcome.

WHYY and other outlets reported that Philadelphia Health officials added Delaware to a growing list of states.

Those travelers will be required to stay in quarantine for 14 days if they plan to visit the city. Those traveling to and from work are believed to be exempt.

Earlier in the week, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut added Delaware to their travel lists.

The states use a metric that Delaware Gov. John Carney sees as inaccurately portraying the Covid-19 status of the state. Most states on a list of 18 have far worse conditions than Delaware, Carney said at a Tuesday press briefing.

Delaware has seen a growth rate of positive cases that have been running ahead of figures for Philadelphia.

The gains are tied to increased testing and an outbreak in the state’s beach area in Sussex County.

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