Maryland secures half a million coronavirus test kits


Maryland Gov. Hogan is announcing an aggressive coronavirus testing program following the receipt of a half a million test kits.

Hogan earlier in the day announced the arrival on Saturday of a Korean Airlines passenger jet containing the test kits. 

Maryland has a population of about six million. The test kits could  allow the state to test both those suspected of having the virus as well as people without symptoms. Currently, tests are limited to those getting a doctor’s order.

The sale of the kits was negotiated by the Hogan Administration. His wife Yumi is from Korea.

The direct jet flight bypassed the possibility that the kits would be taken by federal officials. There have been complaints of federal red tape holding up shipments of medical supplies.

Health care experts say widespread testing is required in efforts to reopen businesses.

Unessential businesses have been closed under a stay in place order issued by Hogan.

Hogan  and other governors have complained about a lack of test kits, with the Trump administration claiming an adequate supply exists.


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