Legislation calls for auditor to not charge for charter school work


Legislation has been introduced that requires the State Auditor of Accounts to conduct audits of charter schools.


House Billl 186 was introduced Thursday and came after State Auditor Kathy McGuiness refused to audit OdysseyCharter School, near Wilmington, unless the office was compensated for its work.

The measure was introduced by Rep. Kim Wiliams, D-Marshallton and has both Democratic and Republican co-sponsors.

This Act authorizes the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of the Department, or General Assembly, including a House, joint committee, committee, or member of the General Assembly, to request, and requires the Auditor of Accounts conduct or contract for, an audit of a charter school’s finances.

The bill bars the State Auditor from charging for the service.

Odyssey is under review by the State Department of Education for its operations, finances and potential conflicts of interest. The school is supported by the state’s Greek community and conducted a student trip to the nation.

Charter schools receive per-pupil payments from the state but must find ways to pay for start-up and other costs.

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