Bill banning plastic bags in 2021 on the way to governor


A bill that will ban the use of one-time plastic bags is on its way to becoming law.

House Bill 130is expected to be signed by Gov. John Carney. The bill passed both houses by decisive majorities. The bill had bipartisan support, although a number of conservativedownstate legislators voted against the measure.

Objections focused on the feeling that the government was limiting freedom of choice in using the bags. New York and Callfornia are banning the bags.

The bill would largely ban use of the bags in stores, with exceptions for sanitary reasons. The ban would go into effect on Jan 1, 2021.

‚ÄúPlastic bags are a significant source of litter in our state. Many get stuck in trees or discarded on the side of the road. We know that very few plastic bags are recycled and many end up as litter in our communities. I look forward to signing this legislation, which will help clean up our state and give us another tool to protect our environment. Thank you to the sponsor of this legislation, Representative Brady, and members of the Delaware House and Senate for their partnership on this issue,” Carney stated.

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