Christina School District says autism program led to top overtime ranking


The Christina School District has responded to a state Auditor’s report on overtime records, citing the demands of a statewide autism program.

“In the Christina School District, a significant portion of overtime is a direct result of respite services provided to families of students with autism. Unlike other school districts in Delaware, the Christina School District is the administering district for statewide services for children with autism spectrum disorder. In that capacity, the Christina School District processes all payroll-related expenses for respite services statewide.”

The district noted that the “Statewide Director has identified an appropriate level of respite service to be a maximum of 24 hours per month, plus 7 days a year (24 hours per day). These services are provided after school hours, on weekends and during the summer.”

Christina topped the list of schools districts the state in total overtime. Christina is the state’s second largest school district.

In regard to overtime record-keeping, the district “has migrated all departments to electronic recording through the Data Service Center (DSC). The use of the DSC time entry approval system provides for electronic submission by employees, the establishment of a multi-level approval hierarchy, and report generation.”

The audit report noted that school districts have varied systems for handling overtime and suggested that the districts migrate to a single technology.

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