Highmark’s economic impact in Delaware totals $135 million


Highmark’s national economic impact has reached $18.7 billion, with Delaware accounting for $135 million of the figure, according to the latest report from consulting agency Tripp Umbach. Highmark operations in Delaware also account for nearly 600 jobs.

The report shows Highmark Health entities had a total impact of $6.4 billion direct and $12.3 billion indirect. Direct impact stems from the in-area spending related to items such as capital improvements, goods and services as well as operational costs. Indirect impact is a sum resulting from all secondary spending, including spending from employee wages.

The impact in Pennsylvania is $12.3 billion. That number is larger than the impact from all professional sports teams in the state, as well as the Pennsylvania airline industry. The figures are also affected by Highmark’s ownership of a large hospital system.

Highmark Health Economic Impact

Area total direct indirect
National Impact $18.7 billion $6.4 billion $12.3 billion
Pennsylvania $12.3 billion $5.4 billion $6.9 billion
West Virginia $262 million $78 million $184 million
Delaware $135 million $81 million $54 million

“This report reinforces that, as the second largest IDFS in the country, Highmark Health is a significant contributor to the communities we serve and our growth strategy continues to positively boost the national economy,” said David Holmberg,CEO of Highmark Health. “We are proud to employ thousands across our core markets. Together, we strive to provide a superior customer experience through access to high-quality, affordable care, coverage, dental and more. We also have a huge impact through the goods and services we purchase and the community foundations we support.”

Highmark Health is a large and valuable employer where it has operations and is also a national employer with offices in many regions and states.

During 2017, Highmark Health had more than 38,000 direct employees and the indirect impact throughout the nation was more than 112,000 jobs. Highmark Health sustains nearly two additional jobs for every direct employee.

Highmark Health employment impact

Area Total Direct Employment Indirect
National 112,000 38,000 74,000
Pennsylvania 83,200 35,000 Nearly 48,000
West Virginia 2,873 835 2,038
Delaware 1,017 592 425

While Highmark Health is a not-for-profit organization, it still generates a substantial amount of tax revenue. For 2017, that total was $924.6 million across the nation. That includes $575 million in Pennsylvania and part of that total includes more than $421 million of impact in Pittsburgh.

The economic impact figures are viewed as a mixed blessing in many quarters, given the number of money residents of Delaware and other states pay in health care costs. The U.S. tops other wealthy nations in the percentage of income spent on health care.

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