My take: ACME (not the grocer) tops list of popular fictional companies


We get lots of reports of rankings based on Google searches.

One that caught my attention listed ACME Corp. as the most popular fictional business.

Acme was popularized by Warner Brothers cartoons, which used the title for their Looney Tunes franchise. The name was most widely used in the Roadrunner cartoons, with the hapless Coyote using ACME dynamite in attempts to snuff out the speedy Southwestern bird.

While growing up in Arizona, we actually had a roadrunner hang around the edge of the property – quite a site.

There isn’t an ACME Corp., but we do have Acme Markets, the regional chain sometimes pronounced Ak A Me. The name has survived despite multiple owners, intense competition, and store closings at the edge of its territory.


Current owner Albertsons is working on a merger with Kroger that would create a rival to Walmart’s grocery business. This has drawn the attention of antitrust officials and others who believe that once the dust settles, more Acmes and other marginal Albertsons-Kroger locations will close. Several Acme locations in northern Delaware have long been rumored to be on a future closing list.

 Coming in No. 2 was Bubba Gump, the shrimp company from the Forrest Gump movie. Bubba Gump actually became the name of a chain of restaurants in tourism hotspots.

 Sneaking into the top 10 was Central Perk, the handout on the hit TV show Friends.

Also on the top 10 was ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ from the hit show Breaking Bad.

There was no mention of Scranton, PA’s Dunder Mifflin, the paper company setting for the popular TV show, The Office.

The Krusty Krab from Sponge Bob Square Pants is the fifth-most searched fictional business in America. It was revealed that, on average, Americans searched 43,633 times every month for the underwater joint

The research was conducted by QR Code Generator QRFY. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.