Distracted driving crackdown story  drew a lot  of eyeballs


Good afternoon everyone,

After noting in this space that Delaware Business Nowrarely has posts that go “viral,” along came a report from the Delaware State Police of a distracted driving sweep on Concord Pike that led to more than four dozen drivers getting tickets.

The news generated 5,000-page views and 450 Facebook shares, a daily record for on our humble website. It was a not a strictly business story, although the action was a clear sign that drivers of commercial vehicles need to put the phones away.

Troopers used work vans and other nondescript vehicles to observe motorists who were later pulled over.

With the possible exception of one person, the decision was applauded on our Facebook page. After all, who hasn’t waited at a stop light for a driver who was looking down at their mobile device and texting?

Then again, the temptation is strong to check your phone, especially in a traffic jam or during a long light. Millennials are said to be the worst offenders, but plenty of older drivers fall victim to the urge to text, check Email or simply chat on the phone.

Expect to see more enforcement actions on routes where distracted driving is widespread.

The hope is that the blend of enforcement and education will reduce the rate of texting and other types of distracted behavior.

Technology may alsolend a hand. Coming just in time on some newer vehicles are automated braking systems that are not foolproof but may keep some low-speed texters and other drivers in one piece.

Enjoy your day and unless you have a hands free feature, stay away from the phone while driving. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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