Top trending: Outlandish Food Truck owner plans to open restaurant in Old New Castle


The owner of Newark’s Outlandish Food Truck is planning to occupy space at the long-vacant David Finney Inn restaurant site in Old New Castle at 222 Delaware Street.

A Facebook message from Outlandish stated, “We are trying for the end of the year but I’m hesitant to give an exact date because there are so many permits that we have to wait for.”

The menu, which is being developed, is described as “gourmet comfort food. There is something for everyone.”

The menu will have only a couple of items in common with the food truck’s offerings, according to a post announcing the location. One item that will be on both menus is chicken and waffles.

The historic building said to date from the 1650s has been the home of a succession of restaurants, but has been vacant for years.

Old New Castle has been gaining more attention in the region after the Courthouse became part of First State National Historical Park.

The loss of a restaurant at the David Finney site has beena setback in efforts to build a greater retail-restaurant presence in the city that ended up with a county named after it.

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