2SP Brewing rolls out Wawa Coffee Stout offering


Delaware County, PA-basedWawa and 2SP Brewing are teaming up to produce a limited edition new beer that cannot be sold at its First State stores.

2SP, based in Aston, is rolling out a coffee stout under the Wawa name. The offering fits well with the convenience store’s focus on coffee.

2SP has its roots in Delaware. The brewery came out of the success of Two Stones Pub locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania. The first Two Stones opened in the Brookside area south of Newark and steady expansion followed.

The sixth Two Stones is slated to open in Middletown.

The beer-focused restaurants did not have their own in-house brewery and opted for a production site in Delaware County, PA

The way was cleared for a Wawa-branded brew when Pennsylvania expanded beer sales to convenience stores.

By contrast, beer sales in Delaware are limited to liquor stores.

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