Woody’s  owner opens south of the border restaurant in North East, MD


Woody’s Tacos and Tequilahas opened on Main Street in North East, MD.

Warren N. Beverung III, opened the restaurant, which is across the street from his perennially popular Woody’s Crab House restaurant. The site had housed an alehouse restaurant.

North East has turned into a dining destination over the years, thanks to restaurants like the Crab House. The restaurant raised a few eyebrows at the time for having a no smoking policy.

State and local laws have since banned smoking from most restaurants and bars.

The town near the Chesapeake Bay has always been a popular summer destination but has seen more year-around appeal, thanks to an increasingly vibrant Main Street.

Restaurants have come and gone over the years in North East, but no Mexican restaurant had stayed around and Beverung saw a market for tacos and other popular offerings.

Accompanying the boom in Mexican food has been the growing popularity of tequila, a distilled beverage. Competition is tough and ranges from taco trucks to family-owned restaurants with low overhead costs.

For further details, check out the story from Cecil Daily.

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