Alcohol enforcement agency using scanning technology to detect fake IDs


The Delaware Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE) is the first law enforcement agency in Delaware to utilize new technology on smartphones to scan barcodes on driver licenses and other forms of identification to spot altered and fake IDs. DATE agents across the state can now enhance their enforcement capabilities with instant access to essential information through Intellicheck’s Law ID.

“The multitude of fake IDs and manipulation of various forms of identification has become a challenge for law enforcement. It’s also an officer safety issue when you may not know who you are dealing with and their criminal history or fugitive status,” DATE Chief John Yeomans said. “This solution is critical in that it allows us to support our agency’s multifaceted responsibilities in real time providing immediate access to essential information that can prove critical in many situations. It is an important safety advantage not only for our law enforcement officers, but for the citizens of the state of Delaware.”

A unique function of the application is that it allows the officer to make inquiries to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), state databases, and Division of Motor Vehicle data to determine if there are outstanding legal or administrative issues with an individual.

In addition to verifying identification, Law ID provides gang affiliation or involvement, known or suspected terrorist data and violent felon information. Photos, vehicle registration and a registry of stolen items are also included.

This technology aids in preventing underage access to alcoholic beverages and tobacco, as well as assists in other day-to-day investigations. Agents have statewide jurisdiction and arrest powers which gives them full authority to enforce all laws of the State of Delaware, including liquor, drug, criminal and traffic statutes. In addition to enforcing alcohol and tobacco control laws and checking all establishments that sell these age-restricted products, DATE’s mission includes working with and lending support to Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies.

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