Delaware’s favorite jelly bean flavor is cinnamon?


Source: 10+ years bulk candy sales data from

Cinnamon is the favorite jelly bean flavor in Delaware, according to an Easter report from Overall, cinnamon ranks as the third most popular flavor in the U.S.

In second and third place in the First State was toasted marshmallow, followed by buttered popcorn. Buttered popcorn has become the top seller in the nation.

Neighboring states, such as Maryland, Pennsylvania favored Jersey favored fruit flavors.

Interestingly enough, corn-producing giant Iowa was not crazy about the popcorn flavor. Their favorite was cherry.

Using the jelly bean sales data from the last 10 years and SurveyMonkey and Facebook polls of over 12,000 candy customers and followers, ranked the most loved jelly bean flavors in all 50 states and the 32 most popular flavors nationally.

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