Proposed tire processing plant an incinerator, Muller says


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Environmental activist Alan Muller is leading an effort to stop a proposed tire processing facility in the New Castle area. The project has been proposed by Renew Oil at 78 McCullough Drive.

Muller says the site is an incinerator and is illegal. Delaware passed legislation, with Muller’s backing, that limits incinerators in the state.

Muller also mentioned two proposed  poultry  litter processing facilities in southern Delaware, but did not appear to take a firm stand on the projects.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is studying the project to determine its legality and recently extended the deadline for coments into September.

Muller, who heads an organization known as Green Delaware, has been a fierce foe of incinerators, claiming cancer and other threats from their emissions. Green Delaware is not related to the Green Party.

He is often as fierce a foe of other environmental groups as he is of government officials. He has been especially  unhappy with the decision to reopen the Delaware City Refinery, with the help of a state financial package and wrote the following:

“The single worst thing done to air quality in Delaware in many years was the reopening of the filthy Delaware City Refinery. This was done in a scam run directly by Gov. Jack Markell and with ZERO public input. The dirty deal included rollbacks of environmental requirements Delawareans had fought for. It is hard to know whether the most shameful actions were on the part of Markell and his team, or the mainstream Delaware “enviros” who objected not. Beyond doubt many people will get sick and die from resumed Refinery pollution.”

Muller has been less visible in recent years as he has spent time in Minnesota making simlar pleas against incinerators.

For Muller’s take on the New Castle site, click here.

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