Department of Labor gets $1.4 million grant aimed at long-term jobless


The Delaware Department of Labor has received $1.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Laborto provide job training and job search assistance to displaced workers .

The funding  expands training for unemployed individuals to acquire credentials that lead to new career opportunities. 

 The grant supports on-the-job training, customized training, registered apprenticeships and other approaches that connect individuals with employers, with a focus on providing these services to those in longer term unemployment.  Delaware defines long-term as individuals who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more.

 Delaware is the pilot state for the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), a credential that demonstrates achievement and a certain level of workplace employability skills in applied mathematics, locating information and reading.

 The attainment of meaningful credentials is already a focus in Delaware,” said John McMahon, Delaware secretary of labor.  “Our training activities will be targeted to Delaware’s Career Ladder Initiative, providing some short term training for many dislocated workers whose skills are transferable, particularly in information technology fields where the number of jobs are growing and advanced degrees are not necessarily required.  We are working with business to identify talent gaps and discuss how we can bridge some of the skill gaps for people who need jobs. ”

 The Delaware Department of Labor job bank – Delaware Joblink – assists workers with case management, job search, labor market information, job matching, and training provider information.  The Joblink is also used by employers in their search for their next employee.

 This grant will be a big boost for the many Delawareans who are eager to return to the workforce,” said U.S. Rep. John Carney.   “I’ve visited employment and training centers all over the state – like Goodwill in Bridgeville and West End Neighborhood House in Wilmington.  These organizations provide tremendous resources for those looking for work, and help connect employers with Delawareans who meet their needs.  The grant announced today will help these centers do their jobs better, and benefit Delaware employers and job seekers.”


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