Property management for single-family homes offered

    Advertisement is now offering single family home property management services. With this service, anyone who is interested in renting out their single family home will have a manager who can help with everything from upkeep to collecting rent and other matters.

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     In the past, the Newark, Del. area  company only specialized in multi-unit properties.

    When hiring a property management team for a rental home, the company suggested that the following should be considered.

    1. How much experience does the company have?

    2. A fee is paid for property management, but can be worth the cost.

    3. What does the fee entail? The homeowner should know what they are paying for and how to get the service they need for their home.

    “We are here to help people who want to keep their single family home but make money from it,”  a  spokesperson for said. “This way everybody is happy. We are able to do our job and the homeowner can feel good about the fact that they kept their home and are able to make some money on it for the time being.”

    According to the company, single-family homes can be great rental properties, as they are often times coveted by families that are unable to buy in the area for one reason or another. Also employers may give staff short-term assignments that make buying a home less desirable.

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