Former UD President David Roselle, 84

President Roselle gives a press conference announcing his intentions of retirement for May 1st, 2007 at the Trabant Center. University of Delwaare photo

Former University of Kentucky and University of Delaware President David Roselle has passed away at age 84, according to media reports..

After leaving Kentucky, Roselle took the helm at UD during a period of growth. He was credited with boosting the national profile of UD, bring in a team of seasoned educators in leadership posts to improve its standing.

Roselle also aided in efforts to revitalize Newark’s once struggling Main Street, which he viewed as an asset in bringing students to the university.

After his retirement, Roselle started a second career at Winterthur Museum and Gardens near Greenville.

Roselle’s two years at Kentucky was marked by a scandal in its basketball program that consumed much his time. He became well known for hiring Rick Petino aa coach. Petino later led the Kentucky team to a national championship.


In taking the UD post, he expressed frustration at not being able to do more to improve the Kentucky institution. . Roselle’s role was later recognized with the university naming a residence hall in his honor.

His tenure at UD was far more lengthy and peaceful as the university continued to grow and enhance its reputation as a “Little Ivy” option on the East Coast.

Funeral arrangements are pending.