Superstars in Education and Training award winners named


The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce and its affiliate, The Partnership, Inc., announced the 2024 Superstars in Education and Training award winners.

These winners will be recognized during an awards luncheon at the  Navigating Delaware Pathways: An Education and Workforce Development Summit at Delaware Technical Community College’s Terry Campus in Dover on April 16.

An award is given to one independent training and certificate provider, a higher education program, and a Delaware high school. Awards of Excellence are also given The Superstars in Education and Training program welcomes three new winners.

Delaware Skills Center Independent Training and Certificate Provider 

The Delaware Skills Center’s Electrical Training Program, the most popular of their many skilled trade offerings, caters to a limited enrollment of 30 individuals annually. This 12-week program emphasizes hands-on experience and technical skills essential for entry-level positions in the electrical field. Using the National Center for Construction Education Research and Development’s curriculum approved for Delaware’s Apprenticeship Program, participants gain proficiency in electrical systems, wiring, and installations and interpersonal skills. The Electrical Training Program bridges the gap between unemployed and underemployed individuals and industry shortages and equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to transition into in-demand electrical careers, the program noted.


Charlton Roads to Success at Delaware State University Downtown Campus Higher Education Program 

The Charlton Roads to Success Program at Delaware State University’s Downtown Campus equips adult-aged students ages 18-22 with the skills for successful integration into the community as they move into adulthood. Students gain tailored, hands-on experience through skills assessments, workplace exposure, job coaching, and mentoring. Additionally, they participate in activities such as monthly YMCA activities, annual play productions, inclusivity events, and a student-run card company.

Brandywine School District High School Program 

The Empathetic Engineering: Bridging Innovation for Special Needs program transforms lives through student-designed solutions. This Level 3 Design and Engineering program, offered at Concord, Brandywine, and Mount Pleasant High Schools, focuses on Human-Centered Design (HCD) to empower students to create solutions for individuals with special needs. From assistive devices for physical education to workplace tools, students develop empathy and an understanding of diverse needs while also gaining valuable design and engineering skills. Their creations enhance accessibility and improve their clients’ lives, fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility in the students and the wider community. 

Award of Excellence recipients:

M. Davis & Sons Welding Training Program (Independent Training and Certificate Provider) 

Beebe Healthcare, Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing (Higher Education Program) 

William Penn High School, Healthcare Technician Program (High School Program) 

Leaders from the education, business, and nonprofit communities and elected officials will appear during the Navigating Delaware Pathways: An Education and Workforce Development Summit.

The full-day event is designed to unite educators, higher education professionals, and employers in comprehensively exploring education and workforce development. The cost to attend is $75 for educators and Delaware State Chamber members and $100 for future members. Sponsorship opportunities are available. 

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