Wilmington partners with start-up NESTER to provide estimates of housing costs over the long term


Mayor Mike Purzycki and Brendan Kennealey, founder and CEO of Wilmington-based startup NESTER, announced a new partnership to provide eligible city homebuyers and homeowners a tool that will help determine long-range costs of ownership and avoid unexpected repair and maintenance expenses.

The city has contracted with NESTER to offer this free-of-charge service to individuals and families who are participating in one of four homeownership programs offered by the city neighborhood revitalization partners: the Wilmington Conservancy Land Bank, Woodlawn Trustees and the Todmorden East Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Wilmington Housing Authority.

NESTER generates a report that provides owners with:

  • a timeline of all the major maintenance a home will need over the next 15 years
  • the NESTER Fund – the monthly savings needed to cover all the costs
  • the NESTER Score – how the house ranks when it comes to the timing and total costs of repairs
  • expert tips for maintenance jobs big and small
  • an inventory of major home systems with helpful product information 

The contract between the cty and NESTER is for one year initially and provides unlimited access to NESTER for the City’s four housing development partners and their clients. The city administration is providing NESTER to its employees and retirees at no cost over the next year.
“Wonderful and exciting things are happening in neighborhoods all across Wilmington today,” said Purzycki, “and it begins with residents who are fully invested in their communities. One of the main ways to rebuild neighborhoods – and strengthen the cty as a whole – is to increase opportunities for people to achieve their dream of being a homeowner. NESTER fits into this vision by taking away some of the stress and uncertainty that has traditionally come with homeownership. And to the extent that we can leave new homeowners on more sound financial footing moving forward, it helps achieve the ultimate goal of strong, healthy, vibrant communities.”

“As a Wilmington-based startup, we’re thrilled to be partnering with the City of Wilmington to bring NESTER to the residents they serve,” said Kennealey. “It’s exciting to be part of a city that is focused on innovation and wants to be the first to use our technology. Having Wilmington as the leader will be a great benefit as we work to bring NESTER to other cities and states across the country.”