Gas prices remain stable during holiday period


Delaware gas prices remained stable following a run-up before the Thanksgiving holiday.

AAA reported the price at the pump for regular dropped by a penny from a week ago, about a nickel below a month earlier, and nearly 40 cents lower than a year ago.

Delaware briefly saw $3 a gallon gas in November before the recent jump. That led the First State, which has one of the nation’s lower gas taxes, to be listed among the ten cheapest states for a fill-up.

Crude oil prices have remained in the mid-70 dollar range, with the Israeli-Hamas war not yet spreading throughout the Middle East and the U.S. remaining the world’s largest oil producer. Cheaper crude could bring downward price pressure on prices.

Delaware Saturday gas prices

Current Avg.$3.149$3.691$3.966$4.169
Yesterday Avg.$3.146$3.660$3.963$4.149
Week Ago Avg.$3.160$3.664$3.979$4.087
Month Ago Avg.$3.201$3.725$4.011$4.298
Year Ago Avg.$3.566$4.038$4.360$5.755
From AAA

Three dollars a gallon or lower gas was available at some stations, led by the Costco and BJ’s membership clubs in northern Delaware, which posted a $2.88 a gallon price.

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