Briggs-King resigns from Delaware House


State Rep. Ruth Briggs King (R-Georgetown/Millsboro) resigned from her seat in the Delaware House of Representatives, effective immediately.

Briggs-King was first elected in September 2009 during a Special Election for a seat vacated by former State Rep. Joe Booth.

Rep. Briggs King said, “Today, I am ready to embark on my next challenge and change that will allow me to explore, learn, and better serve my community. After 14 years of public service, I will be resigning my position in the legislature to move into our new home. Our new residence is located just over the district line from the 37th District. I will soon become a resident of the 35th District.”

Briggs went on to take note of continued redistricting, with three boundary changes in the district map during her time in office. The district has been solidly Republican in Sussex, a county where GOP registrations increasingly outnumber those of Democrats

Her departure also leaves Republican caucuses even less diverse, with no women members in either the House or Senate. Earlier, Hispanic State Sen. Ernie Lopez, R-Lewes, declined to run again. His coastal district was seeing more Democratic voters, with the majority party picking up a key seat.


Under state law, the county committee chairperson for each political party must name a candidate to run in the special election to fill out her term.

Briggs-King is one of the more conservative members of the General Assembly and an advocate for business. She sometimes sided with Democrats on family issues.

She pointed to one major accomplishment – bipartisan legislation aimed at dealing with protecting infants exposed to illegal drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.

Under state law, when there is a vacancy in the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House must issue a Writ of Election within ten days of the creation of today’s vacancy for a Special Election to occur. The Department of Elections must set the Special Election for 30-35 days after the Writ of Election is issued.