Newly licensed Delaware motorcycle riders now required to wear helmets


 A new Delaware motorcycle helmet law goes into effect today.

SB 86, sponsored by numerous legislators, was signed by Governor John Carney on June 30.

The bill was passed after accident statistics pointed to newer riders having more accidents.

The new law will require everyone who obtains a new motorcycle endorsement on or after Sept. 1 or anyone riding with that person to wear a helmet and eye protection for two years after they receive their endorsement. 

Currently, every adult operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle is required to have a helmet in their possession and wear eye protection while operating or riding a motorcycle. And every person up to 19 must wear a helmet and eye protection. 


Helmets and eye protection are already required for those operating with a temporary motorcycle instruction permit.

A civil penalty will be assessed to those found to be in violation. 

“We know helmets save lives and prevent serious head injuries. We know a quarter of all motorcycle accidents that occurred last year involved a newly endorsed rider,” said Secretary of Transportation Nicole Majeski. “By requiring this group to take extra precautions and wear a helmet, we’re able to help keep Delawareans safer.” 

“It’s our responsibility to keep Delawareans safe,” said Governor Carney. “This legislation, along with the current activities and protection measures, will save lives.” 

“Seeing the increase in fatalities on our roadways each week is heart-wrenching. This new law will help protect riders when they are their most vulnerable,” added Amy Anthony, Director of the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles.