Bear resident cited after loaded gun is found in her carry-on bag at Philly airport


A Bear president was cited for bringing a pistol to a security checkpoint at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday.

The Transportation Security Administration did not identify the woman.

The small .380 caliber pistol was loaded with six bullets.

An X-ray unit was used to detect the gun in her carry-on bag. The penalty for carrying weapons can be as high as $15,000, depending on the circumstances. State charges can vary and the gun is confiscated.

“This was a good catch on the part of our TSA team here at Philadelphia,” said Gerardo Spero, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport. “As we all know, passengers are not permitted to carry their firearms through our security checkpoints.”

The TSA finds dozens of guns each year at the airport.

The woman was not the first Delawarean to be cited.

A Delaware state senator was given probation for a similar incident several years ago at a Maryland airport. He faced state felony charges.

In most cases, individuals claim they had forgotten to take the firearm out of their bag.