McGuiness files defamation suit against Attorney General and others


Former State Auditor Kathy McGuiness has filed a federal lawsuit against the state Attorney General and others over statements made during the investigation of her activities while serving in office.

Coast TV detailed the allegations and posted a copy of the suit that named Attorney General Kathy Jennings.

The allegations have been aired previously by McGuiness and her defense lawyer. The suit claims McGuiness’ rights under the U.S. Constitution and Civil Rights Act were violated and amounted to defamation. McGuiness is seeking compensatory damages, attorneys fees, interest and costs of the lawsuit. 

State Justice Department spokesperson Matt Marshall issued the following:

“This is yet another sad, desperate, and wasteful attempt by the ex-Auditor to change the consequences of her actions. We’ve heard this tirade before. It was rejected and she was convicted by a jury of her peers. That she continues to proclaim her innocence is not news.”

McGuiness was convicted of misdemeanor charges involving her conduct in office.

A resident of Rehoboth Beach, a pharmacist and former business owner, McGuiness was found not guilty of felony charges and did not have to serve prison time. She resigned from office before her term ended amid indications that her ouster was coming. She has continued to proclaim her innocence.

The former Rehoboth commissioner and one-time rising star in the Democratic Party, governor has appealed the convictions.

Despite the legal cloud hanging over her, McGuiness sought another term, but was defeated in the Democratic primary by Hockessin lawyer Lydia York, who was later elected auditor.

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