Gas prices approach level of a year ago


AAA reported that Delaware gas prices rose about six cents in the past week.

Prices are now within a few cents of year-ago figures. Last year saw the price at the pump jump to nearly $5 a gallon, with a sharp drop as supply fears eased.

Over the past month, the cost of a 20-gallon work van or truck fill-up is up by by more than $5.25

The potential for hurricane development and forecasts of an expanding heat dome over Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas this week may push prices higher. Refineries in these states may have to curb production to deal in dealing with the brutal temperatures.

“The heat is returning, and we are also entering the heart of hurricane season,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “While fewer drivers are fueling up at the moment, these looming weather concerns are a roadblock to falling pump prices. Gas Prices may keep waffling until mid-September or longer.” 


Monday gas prices

Time frameRegularMid-GradePremiumDiesel
Current Avg.$3.767$4.276$4.571$4.280
Yesterday Avg.$3.772$4.248$4.566$4.269
Week Ago Avg.$3.716$4.201$4.477$4.143
Month Ago Avg.$3.502$3.965$4.271$3.723
Year Ago Avg.$3.804$4.318$4.592$4.789

According to new data from the Energy Information Administration, gas demand slid from 9.30 to 8.85 million barrels a day. Meanwhile, total domestic gasoline stocks slightly decreased from 216.4 to 216.2 million bbl. Although demand has fallen, fluctuating crude prices have kept pump charges elevated.

At last report, crude oil was trading at nearly $81 a barrel after falling to around $79 earlier in the week. Affecting crude oil prices are lingering fears of a recession.

Drivers can find current gas prices along their route using the AAA TripTik Travel planner.

Neighborhood prices are available at AAA’s price site. The site showed $3.80 a gallon pump prices were widespread at Wawa, Royal Farms, and other convenience store/stations.

However, other stations were selling regularly at $3.66 or less, with Costco and BJ’s membership clubs selling regular at $3.54 a gallon in northern Delaware. Prices are subject to change.