Wawa completes pizza rollout


Wawa has completed the launch of Wawa Pizza to its dinner menu, with customers having the option of making an early morning run for a pie.

In Delaware, Pizza was first introduced at three of its nearly 50 stores.

Wawa has since completed the launch in more than 900 stores in the Mid-Atlantic and Florida.

Wawa started rolling out pizza to select stores in early June. As of last week, Wawa had completed the launch in more than 900 of its locations in the Mid-Atlantic and Florida.

Wawa Pizza comes in two sizes – 14 and 18 inches – and can be ordered in-store via Wawa’s touchscreens or through the Wawa app. Prices start at $12.99.


While most Wawa stores offer full-size pizzas, a select number of stores only will offer a personal-size pizza.

Wawa says its pizza uses freshly made dough and whole milk mozzarella. The pizzas are baked in pizza ovens added at most Wawa locations.

Currently, Wawa is offering plain, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and veggie – with more options in the future.

Wawa Pizza will be available from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. in stores open 24 hours.

Wawa tested pizza in the past but dropped the offering.

Wawa has announced an expansion along the East Coast and into the Midwest, areas where it will face competitors with large menus. Competitors include central Pennsyllvania-based Sheetz.

In 2022, Wawa launched a new, enhanced dinner platform with the debut of the Wawa burger and fries. In the past, it had relied on hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, and assorted sides.

Since then, Wawa has continued to expand the platform with dinner salads, crispy chicken and dinner sides.